Ectek Building Materials has been supplying quality building materials for over a decade to North America.  Our 


Whether you are designing or building townhouses, low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise multifamily projects, we have construction materials that will improve the quality of your build, and may also reduce costs of construction.   


From our MegaBoard subfloor, to our Imperma Shower Kits, we have products to improve your end product and reduce time of construction.  

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​Regarding Hospitality Construction needs, low-rise, mid-rise or high-rise mix use projects, our MegaBoard products are ICC-ES listed, and have been tested to cover Fire, Moisture, Mold and Termite resistance levels appropriate for all regions of North America.   


Made of non-combustable material, that is structurally sound for various applications.  From wall assemblies, floor and ceiling assemblies, modular construction for those hotels using volumetric construction methods.   

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Modular Construction

At Ectek Building Materials has been working with several modular builders in North America on Hotel and Apartment projects.   

Several ASTM tests have been conducted specifically for Modular construction.  Floor & ceiling and Wall Assemblies have been tested recently for 1 & 2hr Fire and sound transfer abilities using our Mega-Board products.

We are confident you will find this convenient when designing or building your next Modular building project


At Ectek, we have supplied our MegaBoard products for several medium and large sized Commercial construction projects over the years.  From hotels, Offices, Sports Facilities and other traditional commercial construction projects in North America.

Meeting building code requirements for all regions of North America.  Please have your Architect and Engineer firm contact us for details on how our products can be used in your projects.